Monday, February 9, 2015

13 Weeks Old

Made it to 13 weeks and didn't die of sleep deprivation!  We had two awesome nights of sleep in a row last Thursday and Friday (little nugget slept 4 hours, woke up to eat, slept 4 more hours!) so I was feeling quite good on Saturday. Ran into some friends of ours (who have a toddler) at the groceyr store and they of course asked how Graham was sleeping. 
"Actually not bad the past two nights!" I told them brightly, "We may finally be turning a corn-"
"Stop!" interrupted the dad. "Do not say anything further, you don't want to jinx it!"
Too late. Saturday night was AWFUL and I was kicking myself until the sun came up. Turning a corner? Come on lady, are you so easily fooled? You're in the midst of Navy SEAL sleep deprivation training and it ain't about to be over any time soon.

Master Chief will push to your limit 
and then one step further to show you where your limit truly lies!

But did you ever see tormentor so stinkin' cute?!

We finally got a rocking chair. I love love love it. Nicely winged to catch my drooping head at night.

Getting better at tummy time! Haven't really made any further efforts at rolling, so nothing new to report there. He likes to look at himself in the mirror (sometimes it's the only thing that will calm him during a nervous breakdown), loves riding the bus and naps best in his carrier when we go for long walks outside.

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