Wednesday, February 25, 2015


In some non-baby news... WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!!

Feels as though we've been looking for SO LONG (we started before Graham was even born) and the search was starting to feel a little desperate. Finally FINALLY we've got something locked down and it feels fantastic. Last week while my fam was here, they stayed in to babysit while D and I went out to look at some places. After seeing two terrible horrible no good very bad apartments, we had an hour to kill before our next appointment to view another so decided to just pop in to a few of the larger buildings in the neighborhood where we were and see if anyone in the leasing offices were available. It just so happened there was one gentleman working and he just so happened to have one apartment to show us and it just so happened to be absolutely perfect for us. We really lucked out how everything fell into place, as we were able to arrange the move for just two weeks later - this Saturday, eek!

So now it's a scramble to get packed in time!

Movers are showing up at 9am this Saturday, we've got to be ready to go by Friday night.

I can tell you who hasn't been packing any of his own stuff...

That Paddington, what a slacker.


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