Monday, February 1, 2016

G is for Grumbly

G has been in a bit of a grouchy mood the past few days and then last night while brushing teeth I discovered he's had his FIRST MOLAR pop through! Poor kid can't have been comfortable growing that monstrous thing. Hopefully now that it's busted most of the way out, he'll be back to his normal, smiley, impossibly cheerful self.

Though he's not particularly enchanted by the light snow he's gotten to experience, Graham's fondness for the elevator continues to grow and grow. He loves purposefully marching aboard when the doors open. He loves examining the buttons and touching the braille. He loves staring at whomever might already be on the lift. He'll wait so close to the door on our way up, his nose almost brushes against it when it slides open. And he knows exactly how to get to our apartment door once we arrive on our floor.

It's fun to see him learning to follow direction and undertake small tasks. When we ask him to find his shoes, he's able to get them and bring them to us to put on. When we say "time to brush teeth!" each evening, he toddles off toward the bathroom and tries to climb up onto the toilet so he can reach the sink. 

He also knows how to get all around our building. If we say we are going to the play-room, he starts heading in that direction, knowing exactly which hallways to turn down and which doors to go through (which is all the more more impressive if you've ever tried to find your way out of the labyrinth ground floor of our building). He adores going to get the mail, pick up packages, and collect high fives from the doormen and porters.


And sometimes he likes to just hold court out in the lobby, grinning at everyone who walks by.

No bigs.

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  1. I have rarely encountered the child being fond of elevator) That's quite interesting! From my experience, the kids are always afraid of using this means of transport :)


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