Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Guest Post: Down on the Farm

This week's guest post courtesy of Jeanne Stephenson!

Graham is visiting Jamma and Grandpa Stephenson in Nipomo, and for the first time is staying unsupervised by a responsible parent. We are having tons of fun exploring the “farm.” He is up at 6 every morning, so our days are long. There is much to be done!

Chasing the cat.

Bricks to be moved, and then moved back.

Chickens to be fed and eggs to be gathered...

  (most of them make it to the house).

Adventures with Mazie, who spends most of her time slowly walking away, 
unless of course if Graham has food.

And of course, the flavors of spring to sample with follow-up laundry to be done.


It is exhausting work.

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