Monday, April 11, 2016

M is for Molars

Sprouted some new teeth over the weekend! Just one more molar to go and he'll have a full set.

And boy is he proud! Hearing these morning giggles was certainly some solace after being up all night with a sad, teething kiddo. I ended up sleeping on the floor of his room as he'd only fall/stay asleep with my hand on his back through the crib rails. Sad baby, tired mama, but very sweet memory. And he still woke up with a smile.


It was rainy and cooooooold most of Saturday, so we spent a lot of time indoors.
Thank goodness for the playroom and G's generally cheerful disposition. He is the sweetest kid.

We did manage to sneak out for a few minutes on Sunday morning bright and early.

Realized I may have overdid it on the bundling when another parent commented that we looked prepared for Siberia. Thanks for the input. {Stick a cork in it.}


G likes to swing and climb all on his own, getting more and more coordinated which bolsters his bravery. So far mom is managing to refrain from being a crazy helicopter parent and letting him figure out how to maneuver the playground on his own. There have been (quite) a few bumps, bruises and fat lips, but nothing dampers this munchkin's adventurous spirit.

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