Monday, July 18, 2016

P is for Playground

There is nowhere in NYC this kid enjoys more than the park right across the street from our house. It's essentially his backyard. Lately it's been so warm we've been heading out after dinner for one additional romp round the playground before coming back inside for a speed round of bath/books/bottle/brush/bed. It feels a bit mischievous going out for another quick adventure at 7pm and by that time it's a little bit cooler and a whole lot less crowded at the playground. Plus Graham tends to fall asleep a whole lot easier after he's really been running around like a crazy man getting all the wiggles and giggles out.


And he's been getting more brave lately. He can climb all the way up on the big kid structure and has even started going down the big slide on his bottom rather than flopping over onto his tummy.

Future rock climber, perhaps?  (Ignore the creeper child.)

(From the angle, this doesn't look that high, but the top is actually over my head)

He's also been getting a ton more vocal, and his little voice is just the sweetest. He loves to bring us our belongings wherever he finds them in the apartment, repeating the name of the person it belongs to over and over until they claim it. Common convo: "Dada! Dada! Dada!" "Yup, that's my ipad, thanks G."

"Mama! Mama! Coppee!"
(Note liquid sloshed onto his shoulder and down his shirt.
Don't worry, it was barely warm at this point.)

 "Mama! Mama! Tiss!"
(This is how Graham does kissy face. )

"Mama! A boat!"
(Current favorite vehicle.)

Getting excited for our vacation next week. 
Though we loooove the park, we are ready for a break from the city!!

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