Monday, October 10, 2016

23 Months

Agggghhhh the very last of the months posts! It's ridiculous to continue them past two years old, I am very well aware of that, but MY GOSH, how can I let them go? This boy is the best. He's goofy and cheerful and almost always smiling. When meltdowns do occur, they are quick and easy to resolve.

Sometimes he wants to hold hands on the way home from school. 
Sure makes steering difficult, but my heart can hardly handle the sweetness.

D and G both had Columbus Day off but I didn't, so the boys came to visit me at work! Graham had a fun time spinning in every chair he could find and poking his head into random offices to say hello.

Current faves:

Movie - Winnie the Pooh

Phrase - Achoo! Bless you!

Food - peanut butter sandwich

Drink - green juice

Toy - legos, trains, trash truck (preferably simultaneously)

Activity - riding the bus, waving at strangers, climbing everything, 
saying hello to doormen at random buildings ("Hi Doorman!")


My current favorite thing is that his answer to any age question is "six."
How old are you?  Six. 
How old will you turn next month?  Six.
How old is mommy?  Six.

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