Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thanks for a fun visit, Bopbop!

Grandpa Chris came to visit this weekend and Graham's eyes just about bugged out of their sockets when the front desk called up to say he was here. We recently had new intercom phones installed and I'd told G that the next ring meant Grandpa was here - when that thing rang he BOLTED for the door. He can actually say "grandpa" now, so gone are the days of "Bopbop" (though I think we'll hold onto it a bit for cuteness sake). It was a bit rainy and we were stuck inside a lot of the time, but these two peas in a pod happily played Legos for about 36 hours straight...

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  1. Please don't stomp your blogs !!! We Love them !!! Makes us feel closer to you all !!!
    Lots of Love Auntie and UD


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