Sunday, April 21, 2013

Die Mutti besucht

We've been in dire need of a kickstart on the packing project and la madre provided just that this weekend. She battled a tire blowout on the highway and insane LA traffic to get here, and boy are we thankful she did. (Grateful the full flat of strawberries survived the trip as well.) More progress was made in the short 24 hour period she was here than has been made in the past week and a half.
Kitchen? Done.
Bedroom? Packed.
Jam-packed hall closet? Emptied.
Chaotic, crowded living room? Organized.

Even had time for a leisurely evening stroll to Joan's on Third.

My dad came by on Sunday (after hitting up the Santa Anita Race Track on Saturday for the annual UD Memorial Day at the Races, cha-ching!) to help us load up some treasured items which are being sent to Nipomo for safe keeping.  Our apartment feels relaxingly empty now, and we're actually able to make sense of the remaining packing.  Even managed to sell off several of our larger furniture items, including our mattress. (Stoked somebody actually came and picked it up, but seriously? Ew.)  May have been a bit of an early pull on the trigger, though - now we're sleeping on the air mattress for three weeks...

Guess who got a sweet summer haircut and garners adoration from strangers everywhere??
(Hint: it's the dog.)

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