Sunday, April 28, 2013

LA Countdown: Palm Springs

Whirlwind trip to Palm Springs this weekend to visit some friends who we don't get to see all that often; they live out in the desert during the bearable portion of the year. Up early on Saturday morning, quiet little breakfast at home, speed racer chore completion, then on the road by 10am! It's a quick, easy drive and rather pretty toward the end when you're winding through rocky desert mountains and scores of windmills. I always think they look like an army of alien soldiers solemnly marching toward battle.

Upon arrival, we said our hellos and then immediately set out for lunch at a fun spot - Kings Highway Diner & the Amigo Room at The Ace Hotel. Quirkily remodeled Denny's attached to a hip hip hipster hotel.  The food was fantastic and the gentleman were stoked on breakfast being served all day. Steak and eggs it is!

We spent a leisurely afternoon just sitting by the pool and talking. The temperature soared to 104, which we were assured was abnormal for this time of year, but it was quite pleasant in the shade. Some homes are just perfect for enjoying endless hours of conversation with good friends. This one pretty much sets the bar.

On our first visit several years ago, I discovered the most amazingly comfortable bed I would ever sleep in. So comfortable that a regular night's sleep felt like I'd slept for 17 hours straight. I've dreamed of that bed ever since, and was incredibly excited to visit it once again. Dave concurs and we are inspired - a king-size memory foam mattress will now be our first big purchase upon finding a permanent apartment after the move.  I'm pretty excited for the jump-on-the-bed-with-a-glass-of-wine test.

Sunday morning we set off for a short hike, early enough so the heat wasn't blistering just yet, but still significantly warmer than anything I'm used to (a black t-shirt probably wasn't the smartest choice I could have made).

Managed to survive, however -
it was a nice, short trail with pretty views of the city below and we were back in the comfort of air-conditioning before heatstroke could claim me.

Sun got my nose a bit, though. Boo.

24 hours later we were back on the road headed west! Even though we were gone for only a nano-second, it was rejuvenating to get out of the city and away from our packing project for a chunk of time. 

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