Friday, April 19, 2013

Ready, Set, Relocate!

May 11 approaches at lightening speed.  Long list of tasks ahead, and every intention of getting started EARLY so it will be less daunting (does 3 weeks out even count still as early?). Once the move date was set in stone, we were able to actually proceed with some of our to-do list rather than just planning, planning, more planning, which has filled the past few weeks.  The past several days we've actually made some decent progress - boxes purchased, movers scheduled, walk-through with landlord requested, one piece of furniture pawned off on a friend - thank you to Hugo for picking it up!  We've donated a ton of stuff and will continue making donation runs this week (it's depressing to realize how much of your stuff is neither sell-able nor worth moving).  After making quite a big dent last tonight, we have a modest goal of one new box packed per day to keep us on track.  Fingers crossed!!

We'll be bubble wrapping for DAYS.

My parents are coming down to help us get organized this weekend, quick road trip out to Palm Springs to visit some old friends the following weekend, then I'm squeezing in one last trip up to Nipomo right before we leave - a baby shower, a brunch and two birthdays, oh my! Will be nice to see lots of people back home just before the move. Wish we could make it to my cousin's baby shower in Fresno as well, just not enough time to cram it all in. Busy enough cramming things into cardboard boxes!

I am an extremely creative packer.

In other very exciting news....

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