Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dr. Tanner and the Velocia Raptor Incident

Let me tell you, Miss Tanner loves stickers. She spent HOURS carefully stickering all of us over the holidays. These particular stickers had the dubious honor of being stuck all over my (adorable, ravishing, not at all stinky) feet, then removed and stuck back to the sheet, then stuck all over my father's and uncle's feet.
Eek. At least I was first.


Stick sticker. Remove sticker. Stick sticker elsewhere. Remove sticker.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

One evening, we had Jurrasic Park playing on BOTH televisions, because ya know one room showing the O.G. J.P. just isn't quite enough.  Naturally, there was an ongoing volume battle.  To make it even more interesting, the synchronization of the independently running films was off by about 3 seconds, so depending which room you were in, you either had a slight preview or echo.  Made the attack scenes especially interesting.  It was the only point at which I was glad DVC was not in attendance, as he would NOT have enjoyed it.

Possibly my favorite story from the holidays this year - later that night, Lisa awoke suddenly in the bunkhouse, so startled by the horrible shrieking coming from a velocia raptor outside that she rushed to wake her kids and bring them to safety.  Turned out to be the neighbor's dog.  Sleep tight!

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  1. Feet at nose level (nose at feet level?). Gutsy move, Dr. Tanner.


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