Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Speeches: Sister of the Groom

From the delightful Sophia, Dave's sister and our neighbor (4 blocks away!) in Manhattan:

I don't think anyone here will feel slighted when I say that Dave Cederquist is the coolest person in this room.

You, Dave, are the coolest person in any room.  It is your gift.  Your wit, intelligence, and breadth of knowledge dazzle in conversation.  You know I have a habit of bragging about my friends, well, I talk you up big time and you've not once made me look like a fool.  With humor as your medium, your art is disarming the dull, the tragic, the maddening.  You boldly illuminate dark corners with laughter.

Megan, the same levity that Dave has brought to so many, you have managed to bring to Dave.  The sweetness and excitement with which you view the world has changed him.  You have shown him the possibility of a warm and loving family of your own creation.  I wish you a long life of happiness and adventure.  I wish you infinite beautiful photographic backdrops for Megan to leap through, and a thousand nieces and nephews for me and Ani.



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