Friday, March 28, 2014

Pick a Postcard

One of the alternative-to-dancing activities we had at the wedding was a postcard station. I found all these nifty vintage-looking Lake Arrowhead postcards, so we spread them out on a table near the door with some pens and hoped people would participate. Thankfully, people jumped right onto this activity and actually ALL of the postcards were used up before the end of the evening! There were some super sweet notes to friends and family who couldn't make it, some thank yous for babysitting the dog/horse/husband, several in languages I couldn't easily decipher and of course a few really weird and random ones. 

One sweet guest sent one to my parents as a thank you:

Other award winners are as follows..
Most enthusiastic:
(it seems multiple exclamation points run in the family...)
Super creeper who-the-heck-did-we-invite-to-our-wedding stalker award:
Sweetest note to a loved one:
and Grand Champion goes to...
Good thing, indeed.

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