Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party Time, Excellent

Time to join our guests at the cocktail hour!
It was all a blur for DVC.
DaBo embraces the polka dot theme and considers a career in banking.
Cousins Lawrence, Shell and (future cousin?) Ryan ready to take on any and all bean bag challenges!

Sejo and Krista made it out all the way from Chicago.

EJ, our stylish Manhattanite ringbearer, rocks a pumpkin codpiece.  Carla and Dirk excited to boogie!

Leaf swapping stories with Aunt Patricia and Uncle Dan.  Meanwhile, Rex spots a chupacabra.
Plenty of Nipomo representation....
Pete the Pigman chats with reigning Avocado King Gabe and his bride Alyssa,

while Kristen Letelier and her husband Cristian prepare to tear it UP on the dance floor.

DVC's Snapkin buds, more serious than ever.  Jacob and Charlene watch Casey and Matt break up.

Cederquists in the house!  Uncle Lars and Aunt Vicky representing the Chicago clan.

George W. Bush enjoys a 100% approval rating here!  Dad hangs with John, Uncle Mark and Uncle Dan.
Jumbo Jenga was quite a hit with the kiddos -
sweet Lucia takes a hug break while Keegan nibbles a pre-dinner snack. 

Sisters of the groom Sophia and Anna toast to actually making it to the west coast;
despite crazy weather and cancelled/delayed/rebooked flights, they still managed to color coordinate.
(Don't mind the Nederlanders in the back, being adorable as usual.)

Cousins and sisters Kristen and Linzy with a squeeze for Aunt Carole, my mom's lookalike baby sister.
European invasion! Thank you Isabelle, Rob, Dirk, Margret and Carla for coming from Waarland!
And stripey Anna Banana, in from Italy via Germany, looks right at home with her new friends.

Mom hangs with Linda, one of the many Bruins who flew in from Holland, and my penpal from 4th grade!

The gang's all here! Pop's awesomely tight knit crew, proving it truly takes a village -
Greg, Chuck, Jeff, Mike, Robbie, Jon, Brent.

Awwww it's Dad's oldest pals (besties since kindergarten!) Jeff and Debi.
Plus the offspring, Leafy hanging with Kari and her soon-to-be husband Kyle.

My best gal Kacie (daughter of Dad's best bud, you couldn't write it any more perfectly)
and her uber classy husband Billy Willy Lilley. These two. Can't 'em anywhere.

Jennifer and Greg, most musical of the bunch.

Way to sneak the ring in Mike. A hero among dodger dogs.

Lots of laughs between old friends Brent, Uncle Dave and Gary.

And a special thanks to adorable Mr. Caden's parents, Cara and Will -
Thank you for sharing your wedding location with us!!


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