Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speeches: Best Man

Mike Spero, DVC's college roommate and bud for life (despite Spero's best efforts to lose him), was best man and took his duties very seriously.  His adorable son Elliot was also a ring bearer and wife Elaine helped me get in shape by forcing me to spin classes the months prior to the wedding. They are some of our closest friends in Manhattan and we appreciate everything they did to help us prep for the big day.  And even after - taking us out for a big Mexican food dinner the next evening, staying an extra day at the hotel and driving us to the airport for our return flight!  You guys are the best.
Dave’s been known for having a particularly diverse musical taste, so I am looking forward to dancing later on, when they could be playing absolutely anything – by Velvet Underground.
I want to sincerely thank the bridal party for having me and, Dave, for the honor of being your best man. Those of you who know me, know me as "Spero”. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Spero.
First off, let’s all congratulate Dave and Meg on a beautiful ceremony and on the next chapter in their lives. [Applause]
More importantly, let’s hear it for Meg, the beautiful bride. [Applause]
And Dave you clean up ok, too.
Dave and I met at Boston University circa 1998. I have very little (sharable) material with regard to our years together as students. He seemed to enjoy copious amounts of coffee, cigarettes and Metal Gear. I would describe our apartment odor as... challenging. There was also a fraternity involved. I am available after this if anyone would like a peek behind that curtain. So, to Dave’s Mom and Dad, in case you were wondering, that's what all that money paid for.
What those years told me about Dave is that when he puts his mind to something you can see the passion come through. In his stand up, sketch comedy and his writing. Dave is the funniest person I know. The comedian Judd Apatow once said:
"If you can make somebody laugh,
you may not know they like you
  but you know they don't hate you."
So, Dave, there are a lot of people here that don’t hate you.
Dave and I have stayed in close contact since college despite not living in the same city until recently. And, as if making up for lost time, he moved immediately next door to me. We are thrilled to have Dave and Meg in NYC if, for no other reason, than for the free babysitting.
I always knew I'd be stuck with Dave forever. He's sort of like the little brother I never wanted. And now I'm thrilled that he found Meg and that she's going to be a part of our lives as well.
In closing, Dave, if I can leave you with one piece of marriage advice, ironically, from Woody Allen:
"In my house I'm the boss,
  my wife is just the decision maker."
Cheers to Dave and Meg!

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