Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vow Vow Voom!!!

The number of people who told us they loved our vows was incredibly flattering (though I guess what else are they going to say?).  They were of course very special to us, but we loved that others found our quirky, personal promises endearing as well.  I love re-reading them and am so happy they were well-received. 

A few people have asked if I would post our vows, so for anyone who missed 'em or can't wait to relive 'em, here ya go!

Grant:  Will you please face each other and join hands?
Today is a mostly ordinary day. The sun rose, babies were born, people slept in and you two just happen to be getting married.  What’s extraordinary is this exchange of vows, the promises you will make to form a team, and stick together for the rest of your days, no matter how ordinary or weird, or really weird, they may get.
Meg, you are here to ask Dave to be your chief partner in crime and best friend for life.  Do you intend to give him your deepest friendship and love, not only when you are feeling bright and alive, but also when you are feeling down?  Not only when the Giants are winning, but also when you cannot find your keys?  

Meg:  I do.

Grant:  Will you rejoice with him in times of happiness and comfort him times of sorrow, through triumph and heartbreak?  Johnny Marr and Morrissey will never release another record together, will you comfort Dave as he gradually accepts that?

Meg:  I will.

Grant:  With that in mind, Meg will you please share with us your pledge to Dave?

Meg:   With my whole heart, I choose you, David Vincent, as my trusted copilot and co-captain of Team Cederquist.
You make my world infinitely bigger and cozier at the same time.
Today, I take you as my lawfully wedding husband. 
I vow that I will never abbreviate that to “hubs” or “hubby,” not even ironically.
I promise to try to be on time.
I promise to always thank you when you bring me coffee in the morning and set it on my bedside table, so it’s there when I get out of the shower.
And I promise to always make sure I’m not just hungry, before I yell at you.

Grant:  Dave, you likewise are here to ask Meg to be your lifelong confidant and cherished wife.  Do you intend to give her your deepest friendship and love. Will you dance poorly and high-five frequently, hold her hand during turbulence, and offer an informed opinion on accessorizing?

Dave:  I will.

Grant:  Do you promise to love and cherish her, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, or even poorer  during party dress sales?

Dave:  I do.

Grant:  Will you please share with us your pledge to Meg?

Dave:  Megan you are my favorite.

I love that you dance in your pajamas. Every. Single. Day. I love that you create your own stationary. I love that you never forget a birthday. I love that you know that nothing can't be made better without a ribbon. I tolerate your affection for Trace Atkins. I accept your punctuality. I share your weakness for corn dogs.

Today I take you as my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to listen. I promise to bring snacks. I promise to walk counter clockwise around Disneyland. I promise to enjoy Marie Calendars. I promise to hate Ed Harris and Julia Roberts based on their roles in "Stepmom." I promise to learn the actual lyrics to songs.

I'm so excited that we're getting married, we have so much to do, so many friends to meet, so many cities to explore, so much food to instagram. And since you like to spend a week practice-packing before any travel, I suggest we get started, we have no time to lose.

I love you. Let's get married.


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  1. loving, creative, insightful, personal yet gregarious, witty yet truthful, I love you two and I love you together. Momma


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