Wednesday, August 10, 2016

21 Months Old

  This boy.

Incredibly, only a few months to go until he's two.

He is so dear, some days I cannot believe he is mine.

He is affectionate and cuddly and loves giving kisses. 
Watch out for an open mouth coming in hot.

He loves getting mail. 
There's no one more appreciative of a letter in the box.

He is curious and adventurous and loves to explore, though still sometimes gets nervous about unfamiliar or loud noises.  He is fascinated by the clock in the park, which plays music as the animals rotate around playing instruments, so it's a very lucky day when we happen to pass by on the hour or half hour for a show. Sometimes he ventures up close on his own. Sometimes he watches from behind my leg.


His laugh is infectious.

At the very least, it makes you grin,
usually you can't help but giggle right along with him.

And oh so thankfully, he still climbs in close for a good cuddle before nap.
Which makes my heart nearly explode.

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