Thursday, August 18, 2016

Zip To It

Are you tired of Costa Rica pictures yet? Hope not, because there are quite a few more to see...

A visit to CR wouldn't be complete for us without popping out to Pura Aventura for some ziplining!

When we first went quite a few years ago, there wasn't much out there in the way of an "office" or anything like that. But now they have a beautiful facility with a big deck and a little cafe where you can enjoy some fruit and a beer after your adventure.


Getting properly geared up is always awkward.


And the ride up the mountain is an adventure in and of itself!

Once at the top, we all paid very close attention to the safety demonstration and no goofing around.

Step right up to the very first run. Bombs away!

No pics from actual ziplining, as we left our cameras in the truck. Sorry folks.

But lots of snaps of the crazy tree at the very end!

As always, we'll be back....


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