Saturday, September 10, 2016

22 Months Old

Can't believe how quickly we are approaching two years old. (Do I say that every month??) Definitely too old to still be counting in months, but definitely not quite ready to say my sweet baby is a two-year-old.


Obsessed with the scale. So much so that it now lives out in the living room for easier access. This chipmunk climbs aboard every morning right when we wake up, when we get home from school and again after stripping down for bathtime, then usually once more before bed for good measure. 

Has begun "reading" books to himself aloud. It's so stinking cute listening to his little voice tell stories quietly to himself. And then cringe at the occasionally rrrrrrrrip of a page, though he really does try to be delicate with the pages. Our gentle giant.

This boy still loves to run, be barefoot, and be outdoors. He is curious and loves to explore. If we didn't have to drag him home from the park every night I'm sure he'd happily camp out there.


Love you, nugget. 

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