Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Took a trip down to Little Italy over the weekend, so Graham could sample his first cannoli.

He didn't like it much. 


We got both a chocolate covered cannoli and a chocolate eclair (my faaaaaaaaave treat) from a vendor on the street outside of Caffee Palermo, who was really sweet and helped us pick out the perfect treats for first timers. She packaged them up carefully for us with lots of napkins and bid us buona apetit! Then we went off in search of the perfect stoop on which to enjoy our feast.

Except there was nowhere to sit! Nary a free stoop or slab of clean curb to be found. We kept traipsing southward along Mulberry, until we'd passed completely into Chinatown and found ourselves in Columbus Park. DEEP in Chinatown.

We grabbed ourselves a bench. And Graham made himself a friend! 

From the minute she sat down next to us, this little old lady was in love with G. She laughed out loud every time he looked over at her, she would GUFFAW each time he took a bite and spread food all over his face. At one point, she reached over and took one of our napkins and began wiping his pants when a plop of filling landed on his knee. It was a bit intrusive, but ah well. They were having a grand old time. 

As were we! Super fun family outing. 

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