Monday, December 8, 2014

4 Weeks Old

One month old today (gah! how did that happen?!) and this little nugget is getting STRONG. Not only does he hold his head up and turn it side to side to look around all on his own, when he starts kicking those legs you've got to maintain a death grip in order to keep him securely in your arms. He's making great eye contact for extended periods of time and we even got our first real smiles yesterday! It was so exciting, Dave and I both exclaimed "YAY!" and startled him right of it, back into his standard concerned / alarmed / wide-eyed stare.

Graham has started sleeping beautifully in his crib for 3-4 hour stints of time at night, and doesn't seem to mind that mom purchased most of his sheets / burp cloths / blankets in a variety of polka dots.

We've been getting out of the house daily, attending various classes at the 92Y or going for walks to the park. Mom is slowly getting braver about venturing further from home - but fear of our first public diaper blow-out prevents us from heading too far away from the comfort of our own changing table.

Happy one month birthday, Graham O!

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