Monday, December 22, 2014

6 Weeks Old

This guy is six whole weeks old! We've been busy busy busy in California, seeing a ton of friends and enjoying the 75° weather. Mr. G is getting noticeably bigger and stronger by the day (seriously, you can see a difference from photos that were taken the first day we arrived). He loves kicking his legs and holding lengthy staring contests with his teddy bear, as well as gripping our hands or his bottle while he's eating. 

His smiles are getting bigger each day and he loves when we talk to him, locking eyes with us and doing his best to talk right back - getting THISCLOSE to making some actual, purposeful, non-cry noises!  He has started turning his head toward our voices when he hears us and very much enjoys his bouncy seat.  He's getting good at tummy time, happily goes to anyone who wants to hold him and seems to go through a diaper an hour, so he's definitely getting enough to eat!
He continues to add new expressions to his repertoire. But at least smiles are included now!

My super creative friend Beth came over this weekend and took some fun photos of Graham and the family - sneak peek below. She's uber talented and they turned out great. Will share more soon!!

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