Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh what a year!

January - got hitched!

February - walked the length of Manhattan (and got pregnant, though we didn't know it just yet!).

Almost there!! 

March - a quick visit to CA. 

April - a Cederquist visit to Caz and a Dunn visit to NYC.

NYC to Cazenovia. 6 minutes down!
Are we there yet? 
Are we there yet? 
Are we there yet? 
May - the  cat  baby is out of the bag!

Cederquist, Party of 3! Coming November 2014.
June - halfway point of the pregnancy, 20 weeks down and 20 to go.

July -  Mom, Leigh and the Tuculet gals visit NY for a baby shower.

August - summer vacation in Cape May with the Speros. 

29 weeks!

September - already feeling about ready to pop!

October - Happy Halloween!
November - FINALLY the arrival of our dear Graham Oliver.
And our lives were never ever the same...

December - a California Christmas, Graham's first visit to the west coast!

2014 has been the busiest, craziest year of change in my life thus far.
Luckily, each new twist brought incredible joy and new levels of happiness. 
I've always considered myself a very lucky person, but this year truly trumped the rest.
Excited to see what 2015 has in store. XXOO

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