Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy 5 Months!


Wow. This morning we were sitting around in the livingroom having breakfast and watching Graham bounce through the ceiling in his jumper when we received a super sweet "Happy 5 Month Birthday!" text from Nonna Ambrosio.  My first reaction was HUH??  The past week has been kind of a blur what with going back to work and starting daycare so the day totally snuck up on me.  Five months?!  HOLY CRUD THAT FLEW BY!  Where the heck did the last five months go??

Anyway, this sweet boy celebrated his fifth month on earth with his first solid food this week! We started with oatmeal cereal. It's pretty liquidy and can barely even be considered a "solid" but he certainly seemed amenable to the idea of eating, even if not much food actually made it down the hatch.

I think these are my favorite pictures of him to date.

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