Monday, April 27, 2015

24 Weeks Old

This little stinker is certainly enjoying life. He's the giggliest, smiliest, happiest little baby you will likely ever meet. Except for when he's super tired and gets whiney (gee, I wonder who he gets that from). Sorry, kiddo.

His hands are getting more and more coordinated - he can pick up objects and pass them (pretty successfully) from one hand to the other. He's getting very interested in our faces, grabbing often at our noses and ears, and sometimes reaching out to softly touch my chin or cheek when I'm feeding him. *swoon*

He loves reading books, especially the cardboard ones that he can gnaw on the edges of.

This week we tried a new dish: sweet potatoes, made in our fancy blender (blog post to come!). 
He loooooooved them, but they've already cost us one pair of pants.  Yams: 1, Diaper: 0.

Grandmapalooza 2015 (another post to come!) has drawn to a close, with this morning's departure of Grandma "Nonna" Ambrosio. G has become accustomed to a heavy amount of doting that will unfortunately not continue, as Dave and I have resolved to become iron-fisted parents....


Psych! How could we possibly say no to this sweet face??

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