Monday, April 6, 2015

21 Weeks Old


Sitting better and better, lasting a bit longer on his own each day. Will grab at anything within reach and immediately shove it into his mouth, though doesn't really understand the concept of food just yet. We may be starting solids (probably oatmeal) in the next few weeks, so he'll get it soon enough.


Huge fan of bathtime, unless it's too cold in room and then he'll definitely let you know it!

Seeing more personality from this kid each day. He loves looking at faces and is constantly grinning at people. They comment almost every day when we pick up from daycare what a smiley boy he is and people are always saying hello to him on the street when he faces outward in the frontpack.


Just started using the big boy stroller as well! 
Mom was nervous first spin around the block, but he loved it.

Tummy time is no longer a battle, probably because he can promptly roll over as soon as we set him down on his belly. We flip him back, he rolls again. Flip back, roll again. He's getting quite good at it!

Big boy!!

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