Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures in Babyfood

Now that G is getting into "solids," we decided to try our hand at making some baby food. How hip are we?? Everything is still pureed at this point, and we were given a beautiful fancy blender for our wedding that we hadn't made very good use of at the old apartment (severely limited counter space is something we no longer grapple with, yahoo!), so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Started out by steaming the veggies in my awesome new microwave steamer that I love love love, then popping them straight into the blender. Apparently the theme of the day was orange, as we did one batch of sweet potatoes and then another of carrots. Both blended up nicely and went easily into our special baby food freezing trays (yes i paid good money for these, no turns out they aren't any different than ice cube trays).

Looks crazy messy, but we cleaned up the trays by scraping across the top with a flat spatula before popping them into the freezer. Once frozen, we popped the cubes out into baggies for storage, noted with the date and food type. Easy peasy!

We've now learned that it's beneficial for Graham to take his meals sans clothing. Even so, baths are usually necessary immediately following a feeding. He LOVES to hold the spoon himself, but we try to limit that to just oatmeal, since it ends up in every nook and cranny of his chubby little body that you can imagine - yes, including the bottom of his feet.

Jury is still out on whether he actually likes sweet potatoes (he devoured them once, spit them out once, and declined them once, so a totally even playing field) and we start down the carrot highway this week, so we'll keep you posted!

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