Monday, April 20, 2015

23 Weeks Old

Our dear Graham has suddenly found his toes AND starting sitting all on his own, so apparently ab strength was the big leap this week. It's been amazing to see his little personality develop. You can actually see the excitement on his face when he sits up in the middle of the bed unassisted; the pride in his eyes is undeniable. Aside from still not sleeping very consistently, he is an absolute angel baby, a picture of perfect health and we know that we are very, very lucky to call him ours (a mantra that often bears repeating at 2am).

Flexible little bugger. A budding yogini!

This kid is absolutely stoked the majority of the time and it's charming how happy he is about life in general. He loves to make eye contact, in fact he'll stare you down intensely from across the room, willing with all his might for you to look up or turn and face him, then break into the broadest of grins when you do.

Go ahead and try not grinning back at that infectious little smile. I dare you.

Taste testing anything and everything he can get his hands on.

Sweetly enough, his favorite toys are our hands, which he'll play with and stare at with dogged intensity. 

Just look at that kid look at his dad. Be still my heart.

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