Monday, June 29, 2015

33 Weeks Old


Who loves to wiggle? This guy!

Getting more active at school and often comes home with dirty toes on warm days when they all get to spend the afternoon playing in the backyard! Looooves being outside with the big kids and usually skips afternoon nap on daycare days because he's just too excited to hang out.

More wonderful hand-me-downs from our pal Elliot. This box is a current favorite. Do we play with the beads and shapes? No. We lift the box up and slam it down as loud as we can, then look around to see who was watching.

Newest cuisine: cottage cheese. 
Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Brand new crib! Didn't realize he could pull himself all the way up to standing until he had some decent bars to grab onto. Uh oh. Time to start baby-proofing the apartment. Our low-level bookshelves don't stand a chance.

Met up with our pal Sadie last weekend for brunch. She did not find us funny. WTF?!

In addition to pulling himself up to his feet whenever we offer our hands for support, he's got the rocking back and forth motion down, so crawling is closer than ever! He spends a lot of time lurching around on his belly, and can actually move above pretty well despite not actually being able to even arm crawl. Any minute now!

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