Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Auntie WeeWee

Auntie Leigh was here visiting for the weekend and boy did we have a wonderful time. She arrived super late last Thursday, after dealing with several delays and trekking through multiple airports. When she finally made it into the cab and on her way to our house, I texted to assure her I was awake and ready for her arrival...only to promptly fall asleep a mere 5 minutes before her arrival. She calls me, no answer. The doormen call me, no answer. She texts, repeatedly, no answer. Finally one of our doormen walked her up to our apartment and after quite a bit of pounding on the door I finally woke from the dead to let her in. Whoops, sorry Leigh!  

After the terrible welcome, we had a really fun visit. Her very first full day here, she dove right in with zero hesitation and took care of Graham completely alone for the entire day (and not even any complaints of being tired following a post-midnight arrival the night prior!). They went to the park, watched some kids play baseball, hung out in the grass and pretty much became inseparable. 


Graham took a liking to her immediately, which was really cool to see. He had basically zero interest in either Dave or myself holding him the entire time Leigh was here. She was it. Nobody else. Obsessed.

We took her to Gracie's, our new favorite diner, where a pair of sweet old ladies in matching rain hats oohed and ahhed over G throughout breakfast and he tried his first bite of scrambled eggs. Success!


Leaf gave D and I a lovely little break from all bath duties,

as well as oversaw park time. 


Leaf, I'm so glad you were able to visit us and spend so much time with G. 
Enjoy your summer in Germany. I miss you already. 

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