Monday, June 15, 2015

31 Weeks

Little nugget is ALMOST crawling. He's so stinkin' close. He's got the whole bum up in the air, rocking vigorously back and forth thing going on and occasionally lurches himself forward juuuuust enough to incite a burst of praise from his overly excited mama that startles him into freezing and staring at me with wide eyes. "Everything ok, mom? Sheesh, I'm workin' here."

He's starting to actually understand peekaboo! Any time there's an available blanket he likes to bury himself beneath it, then grins like a crazy man when we call out "Wheeeere's Graham??" before the big reveal.

The world's two most adorable chompers have continued to sprout upward into actual, recognizable teeth instead of just little white nubbins. And boy does he love to use them. He'll chew on anything he can get his hands on and now there are often sweet little pointed bite marks left to tell the tale.

And those cheeks!! Somehow they keep getting more squeezeable.

Our budding class clown.

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