Monday, March 9, 2015

17 Weeks Old

Happy 17 weeks to little mister Graham'n'cheese! Our sweet, happy boy managed a major accomplishment this week: LAUGHING. That's right folks! We got our first guffaw! It was the sweetest, most wonderful sound I have ever heard in my life. Managed to capture the giggles on video and have watched and re-watched the precious clip at least a thousand times. It never gets old. Will post soon.

He's got two teeth trying to poke their way through front and center on the bottom, so he'll gnaw on anything he can manage to get into his mouth (which isn't much, still working on hand eye coordination). I bought him a few teething rings, but he seems to have no interest in those, much preferring a finger or the edge of a towel. Drool is still in power production and bibs are constantly necessary. Good thing we've got quite a supply.

He's suddenly very into touching anything with interesting texture and can spend quite a long time inspecting and stroking a soft pillow or blanket. He also loves to examine his toes whenever he's not wearing socks.

Bathtime has become much more enjoyable lately. Someone was very pleased to discover that kicking his legs in the tub results in super fun splashing, so the days of bathing on the kitchen counter are behind us. We now place his little tub in the actual bath tub and he can go crazy with the splashing. Which, in fact, he does with great pleasure, and also a little bit of shock each time he manages to splash himself in the face.


Now please excuse me while I go back to spending the entire day trying to make my son giggle.

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