Sunday, March 22, 2015

Neeeeeeeeeepomo (like the Ricola ad!)

So much fun this week in Nipomo! Visited every beach along the central coast, spent some time in Grandma's classroom showing the seventh graders what's up, ate at all my mom's favorite hometown joints, showed off for my fam by sleeping pretty well and performing a few new tricks. Here are a few of the highlights. 

Twinning with Grandad over breakfast sudoku

Playtime in my favorite bib with Jamma. 

Beach volleyball practice with Coach Leigh. Not so sure about this sun and sand business. 

A trip to Wolff Vineyards to pick up a special vintage for a friend back home. 

Tried out my brand new swing!

Breakfast burritos at Cowgirl Cafe. 

More California fun to come, but we just got back to NYC (I was an angel on the plane, FYI) and my mom is dead tired so we're all hitting the sack and will do some more bloggin' tomorrow!

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