Monday, March 30, 2015

20 Weeks Old

20 weeks brings bigger smiles and more personality than ever before!


Getting close to sitting up on his own! Learning to balance himself and make corrections when he starts to lean too far in one direction or another. Still ends up toppling over more often than not, but very soon he'll be good go.


Concentration levels getting INTENSE. Not only does he love jumping in his bouncy seat (sometimes it looks like he's going to ricochet off the ceiling), but he also spends time sitting still and carefully examining / playing with the toys. It's been so neat to watch his hand eye coordination make vast improvements by the day. He'll reach for things very deliberately and slowly now, rather than batting at them wildly.


I return to work on Wednesday and we are all VERY nervous about the transition. Oh who am I kidding, we've visited our lovely daycare multiple times and Graham absolutely adores the kids and the teachers, really I'm the only one who is going to have a rough time. So if you call me up this week and I answer the phone in a fit of tears, now you know why. It's because I'm desperately missing this adorable, squishy face!



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