Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adieu, Toronto

Pretty sweet ride to the airport. All other cabs are busy, what with the sudden influx of peeps due to TIFF?
(The Toronto International Film Festival had just begun when we arrived, but we never saw anyone good.)  
Well then, fancy BMW driver man, don't mind if I do!  

Bye bye, pretty Toronto. 

Super smooth morning - speedy ride to the airport in half the standard time because traffic was all headed into the city.  Not a single person in line at the ticket counter, then a completely empty customs and rapid security check.  Found myself standing at the gate approximately 7 minutes after my curbside drop-off.  BOOM.

Travelers to the U.S. get to go through Customs on the Canadian side. This I never knew!

Was able to cram a bit of  last-minute correspondence in, thanks to pre-stamped postcards and an uber-friendly shop lady who promised to drop them in the postbox on her way home for me.

Then on to my favorite international airport activities: 

perusing cheesy "local" gifts + taking full advantage of the duty free shop samples. 

Goodbye Toronto and your beautiful Canadian bills, I'm headed back to my boring greenbacks. 

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