Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh Canada

So here I am in Toronto, hanging at the airport.
Our brilliant plan of meeting at international baggage claim turned out to be not so brilliant when we discovered there are quite a few different international terminals.

After much airport circling, several frustrating conversations with the world's most unhelpful helpdesk man and one international roaming call (cha-ching!) we eventually found each other and scooted off to our hotel, which was right in the thick of all the Toronto International Film Festival buzz. Le Germain at Maple Leaf Square.

And the included breakfast was TO DIE, as you can imagine from the looks of this divine dining room.

Then off we went to our new office digs in the middle of downtown Toronto. It's an immaculately clean city.

Gorgeous building and beautiful garden. Complete with cow statues, 'natch.

The view from the new office was breathtaking. 40th floor is quite a ways up.

The whole reason I'm here is to assist with a big office move, so off to it!!!

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  1. Hope you were helpful, and not so enchanted with the view you bumped into the safety glass. Mom


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