Monday, September 23, 2013

Roof Garden Installation: Imran Qureshi

After a leisurely morning exploring the museum, we decided to head upstairs to the rooftop garden where they have rotating exhibits throughout the year.  I had heard that the current one was quite striking, so off we went in search of the roof.  Turns out, it was insanely hard to find. After asking two different docents for assistance, we managed to take an elevator to the fourth floor where we found a tucked-away staircase going up two more floors, then headed down a long mirrored hallway before finally emerging onto the roof.

The moment you step outside, your breath will be taken away by the 360 degree views.  The garden hovers just slightly above treetops, which extend in a lush green carpet to the distant skyline.  The bustle of the city is completely obscured from view.  Up here, things are quiet.  As the wind ripples through the ocean of leaves, it feels like you've escaped into another world.

The installation itself is rather jarring, both in size and scope, a striking contrast to the hushed environment within which it lays.  Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi has splattered red paint across the entire roof, then painted intricate foliage patterns into the drops.

The color of the paint suggests violence, but the patterns weave in hope of new beginnings and growth.
It was incredibly creepy to walk on, but I think that was part of the artist's intent...
to get us thinking about issues we may not be comfortable considering.

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