Thursday, September 19, 2013


There are a ton of different outdoor film screening events over the course of summer in the city, yet we'd been unable to make it to any of them and summer was drawing to a close; then I heard about one really close to our house and got super excited!  At the close of summer, the Central Park Conservancy puts on a 5 day long festival of films in Sheep's Meadow; this year the public got to vote on what was shown.

Looks like I handpicked the list, doesn't it? (With one exception, of course - horror has never been my jam.)Naturally, that was the only evening we were free to go.

Despite not being available for my beloved WSS or Hook(!) or even Indiana, I am not one to turn down a free event.  Besides, it was fun to be outdoors with a giant group of people on a warm summer evening, doing something you normally only get to do at home in your living room. There were tons of food trucks, trivia with prizes, a DJ to entertain the crowd before the film and even free popcorn (thanks Bloomberg!).

Thought perhaps being with a ton of people in a cool venue might make the film a little less creep? Wrong-o.

We were sitting beneath a giant sycamore tree and the leaves kept rustling at the scariest possible moments. 

But I made it through the whole thing without peeing my pants!

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