Monday, September 9, 2013

Cafe Lalo


Late volleyball game on the Upper West Side? Home the opposite direction and several hours to kill?

Sounds like a perfect solo date opportunity!

Before leaving work, I googled cafes on the UWS and one of the most highly rated was Café Lalo, which was just a few blocks from the gym, so I decided upon it without hesitation or further investigation. It was easy to find and looked absolutely adorable as I walked up. When I got closer, I noticed some photos posted outside the café. Closer still and I was able to see that they were of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

Wait a sec... is this that café?

Turns out it was!

The small café is beautifully decorated with vintage French posters, intricate stained glass windows and a number of tables with seats looking out at the street, which was lined with trees covered with twinkle lights. And there were SO many beautiful desserts to choose from. Though the cheesecakes were tempting, but I went with a classic carrot cake.

The menu was insane. In addition to desserts, they had a variety of cheese plates and wine suggestions. 
Will definitely be returning. Maybe I'll even bring Dave.


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