Monday, September 8, 2014

31 Weeks

Less than two months to go and Baby C is the size of a pineapple!
(though decidedly less spiky)

Major things seem to be happening! Baby C is a crazy wiggle worm, whose somersaults I can feel all day long. We are sifting through some pediatrician recommendations from our doctor and have signed up for a labor and delivery class at the hospital. Had a wonderful visit from Laurie this weekend and she gave us an infant medical care kit - nothing like tiny nail clippers, a rectal thermometer and a nasal aspirator to make you realize oh my this is really happening and I will be suctioning boogies out of someone's nose in just a few months!

Also, in case you didn't already hear, we happened to find out that Baby C is a BOY!

We are ecstatic and couldn't possibly be any more excited for his arrival. Getting to say "my son" makes it all so much more real - a real, live baby boy (rather than an "it") will be joining our little family so very soon. And he's got sweet new balance kicks just like pops!

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