Monday, September 29, 2014

34 Weeks

 Baby C is the size of a butternut squash.
Perfectly timed for the Cashmere Solstice - what a stylish baby!

Lots going on this week to prep for little one's arrival. We took a birthing class and I started prepping freezer crockpot meals for once baby is here and we don't feel like cooking and are sick of take-out (unfathomable as this may seem in our city of endless culinary options). The new plaza at the Met is finally open to visitors, so we've started a new Saturday morning tradition of picking up bagels and heading to the museum to enjoy breakfast at the fountain. If it's not too crowded, we head inside for a bit to peek at our favorites (as we did this weekend) and then usually go for a walk through the park. I'm starting to feel winded after even short walks, but am trying to continue with them as best I can!

A bit apprehensive heading in to our birthing class. We came out feeling much less nervous!

DVC sweetly surprised me with treats from my favorite bakery, Two Little Red Hens. 
Best cheesecake in the city!


He's also taken to sporadically laying out baby outfits on my side of the bed.
Which I find hysterical.

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