Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to Cape May

You know how sometimes you're so excited for a vacation and then you get there and it's different than you were expecting or not quite what you were hoping so you end up disappointed rather than relaxed and rejuvenated?  THIS WAS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF THAT!  Cape May was awesome beyond our wildest dreams.

Cape May is a tiny little Victorian town on the southern-most point of the New Jersey shore, the last bit of land before you hit the Delaware Sound. There are actually only 4,700 year-round residents, though the population surges to nearly 50,000 over the summer weekends. Cape May is technically an island, due to a canal running between the harbor on the Atlantic side and the sound. The streets are lined with adorable bed and breakfasts, historic guest houses, charming rentals with wrap-around porches and beautiful multi-family beach-front homes.


Our dear friends, the Spero family (Mike, Elaine and Elliot), have been visiting Cape May each summer for the past several years and invited us to join them on this year's excursion. We rented a 3 bedroom house on a quiet, tree-lined street a few blocks from the beach for a full week. Never having visited the area before, DVC and I weren't quite sure what to expect, but were absolutely charmed immediately upon arrival.

The beach was a 10 minute walk from our place, so we spent most mornings walking up and down the coast. The dads (eeeee I love that that now includes Dave!) would play tennis every day at naptime, then afternoons we would all venture around the island checking out local areas of interest. The weather was absolutely perfect, low to mid 80s and slightly breezy all week. It was so incredibly relaxing.

Several evenings we took advantage of the grill in our backyard and bbq'd the fresh catch from the local fish market. Dave turned out to be the master chef, impressing us all with his grilling prowess! Added to the ever-growing list of reasons I won the husband lottery.

Plus, he's a baller.

So much more to come on our Cape May adventures, so stay tuned!

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