Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Plum Beach Farm

Our first adventure during our week in Cape May was to Plum Beach Farm to pick up some local produce.

It was a gorgeous spot with a ton to see and do - fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as homemade honey and jam for sale, lots of animals to visit and even a scavenger hunt that took you all over the property!

I am SO GOOD at scavenger hunts.


Elliot doesn't walk anywhere. He runs everywhere. And while running, he likes to narrate. 
Hearing his happy little screams announcing "Running!!" coming from all over the farm was so sweet.

Something I was fascinated by was the shell driveway. I thought it was so beautiful, and unexpected at a farm.


We ended up getting some bell peppers for grilling, a bag of arugula, a few cantaloupes and some fresh herbs. So good on salads all week!!

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