Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cape May P.B.Co.

You guys. Cape May has it's own Peanut Butter Company. Seriously. 
Because it hadn't already established itself as the most charming seaside city ever??

They have all these different flavors of peanut butter and you get to sample as many of them as you want!

Their best seller is the Honey Roasted, but my favorites were Hazelnut (tasted like Nutella's cousin) and Butterscotch (suuuuper sweet, but I guess Baby C is into that at the moment, because he kept sending me back for fresh taster spoons). Cappuccino was surprisingly good as well, I was not expecting it to be so tasty.

In addition to regular ol' PB spreads, they've got an array of jellies and jams, pancake and waffle mixes, peanut buttery baked goods, candy, chocolate bars and fudge. I was well-behaved (ok, actually a little full from all the sampling) and limited myself to a container to take home and a brownie bite for immediate consumption. 


I suffer from zero peanut butter fears.  Except for fear of being without?

P.S. they deliver!


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