Monday, September 15, 2014

32 Weeks

 Growing right along, only 56 days to go!

Went in for a sonogram last week to get a more accurate measure on Baby C's size. He is currently weighing in at 3 lbs 15 oz, perfectly average according to the tech. He has fingernails and toenails and even a scruff of hair, though can't tell yet what color. As he's currently situated head down, most of the kicks I feel are up near my ribs and I sometimes feel short of breath because my abdomen is so full. Often it doesn't even feel like straight kicking, more odd squirming and I can't figure out what the heck he's trying to do in there. It was a really busy weekend and the weather cooled off nicely. Walked across the park on Saturday morning with Soph, Penny and Theo for brunch, then it started raining on our way home so spent the afternoon cozied up on the couch watching terrible movies (yay Bill & Ted!). Sunday morning was apple picking at a farm in NJ with the Speros, then in the afternoon we headed back over to the west side to meet another set of friends and their adorable two year old for coffee and cocoa. A shipment of diapers, wipes and ointments arrived, so we're all set with the essentials now just in case baby decides to make an early debut!


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