Sunday, October 27, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning


Popped downtown this morning to pick up a gift for a friend at Century 21 (who are we kidding, though, went home with more treats for myself than anyone else, but that's a different story) and got out of the subway right at the foot of Trinity Church.  It was just after 10 and the service was scheduled to begin at 10:15, so I figured I'd sit in for a bit.

Excellent start - I love a good boot scraper!


Trinity boasts an all-digital organ, which fills nearly the entire back wall of the sanctuary.

There's also an abundance of intricate stained glass.

Plenty to look at if the sermon has bored you!

The gardens are also spectacular. I've passed by many times and peeked in through the gates, but never taken the time to walk through and explore before.  It was quite peaceful on such a foggy morning.


Beautiful headstones fill the courtyard, some of them so old that the writing has completely worn off.


A quiet moment before service.

In comes the choir! Reminded me of the good ol' acolyte days at First United Methodist AG.


Happy Sunday y'all.

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  1. Oh I am so glad you went in. It looks beautiful inside and out. Peaceful. Peace, Mom


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