Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Katie Boeck Rocks NYC

Went and saw my friend Katie sing on Saturday! Katie is usually based out of LA, but this is the second time she's come through NYC since I've moved here. I love hearing her play, Rockwood Music Hall is a cool venue (same spot she played last time) and it's always a fun little Nipomo reunion at her shows (so many small-town kids have ended up in NYC!).

No downtown trains from my stop this weekend so I hopped in a cab.
Much prettier ride anyway - view of the city on my way downtown.

Though she usually plays with a full band, this was an acoustic set. On several songs she was joined by some pals from a musical she was in last year - Witness Uganda, currently slated for Broadway, cross your fingers!


Katie is currently raising funds to put all the music she's written in the past few years onto a new album, and she's awesome, so you should donate to her via Kickstarter here: Katie Boeck is Making a Record.

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