Friday, October 4, 2013

San Gennaro Festival

Some gals at work had the fun idea of heading down to Little Italy one evening after work during the week-long San Gennaro festival, which celebrates feasting. Leave it to the Italians to create a celebration around food.  All of the adorable Italian restaurants along the street set up outdoor dining areas with red-checkered tablecloths, if they don't exist already, and it's a unabashed eating party.
The entire street is shut down for several blocks to make way for a massive street fair serving every type of carnie food imaginable. In true new York fashion, they really squish the booths in tightly. It felt like the entire mid-state fair was somehow crammed into a mini 5 block area.
Lots of yummy food options. Some fairly traditional,

some not at all Italian, but still fun to sip while walking around a cheesy carnival.


I was awestruck by these massive sausage curls. Thankfully, was not brave enough to purchase one.

And anything you want fried and doused in powdered sugar,
you can get fried and doused in powdered sugar.


Oreos? Check.  Nutella-dipped balls of dough? Check.  Snickers, twinkies, nutter butters? Check check check. 
It's terrible and wonderful all at once. I tried to go minimal with mini peanut butter cups. 3 for $1. A steal!
(Ended up having to throw the bag away after two to avoid ralphing.)


Good judgment continued as we spent a significant chunk of time trying to win goldfish.



These poor little dudes lasted 3 days and one week, respectively.

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