Friday, October 25, 2013

Peggy Visits!

A good friend of mine and colleague from LA was in town for a few days last week.  It was so fun to see her at the office during the day, and we even had a free evening in common to go out and have some fun! 

First stop, awesome little rooftop bar right by the office - Bookmarks Lounge at The Library Hotel.


It was a beautiful spot, completely tucked away so it felt like we were in on a big secret.


Though I'd only read about the place online and never actually been before, we discovered that it wasn't all that difficult to get to - enter the hotel at the corner of Madison and 41st, then take the small elevators straight up to the 14th floor where they have an indoor restaurant and an intimate outdoor lounge. Very Gossip Girl.

Hunger soon began rearing it's ugly head, so we scampered a few blocks across town to Eataly,
another place I'd read plenty about but hadn't bothered to check out in person yet.

Wasn't expecting much, assuming it would be an overly cheesey tourist trap.
Couldn't have been more wrong, it was SO classy and entertaining!


After exploring the avenue-block-long (read: biiiiig) first floor marketplace, we took the hidden elevator upstairs to the rooftop restaurant Birreria. It has a retractable glass roof, so you can eat under the stars even if it's chilly out.


After our delicious dinner (more detail to come in a subsequent post) we went back downstairs in hopes of tasting some gelato from a cute spot we'd seen in the marketplace earlier.  Alas, we'd lingered too long over dinner and the market was already closing down (10pm on weeknights).

Never fear! There is always dessert within walking distance in Manhattan!
Peggy had never been to Shake Shack (to die) before, 
so we crossed the street to the original joint in Madison Square Park to enjoy a sweet nightcap.



So glad I got to spend some time with you, Pegster!

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